1. Final Color GRAded Media

  2. XMLs / EDLs

  3. refERENCE MOVIE with timecode/filename burn-in

  4. Final Mixes & Splits

  5. ALL graphics / animations / text overlays

  6. ISCIs for Slates

  1. Final Color GRAded Media

    • olor graded clips that correspond to the XML/AAF/EDL(s) of the final, locked sequences

  2. XMLs / EDLs / refs

    • Export XML of the locked sequence(s)

    • Each sequence should be named clearly to the corresponding cut BEFORE exporting the XML, so that the filename of the XML matches the sequence name contained within it. Changing the filename in the finder will not update the sequence name

  3. Final Mixes & Splits

    • WAVs or AIFFs of final mix and splits 

  4. ALL graphics / animations / text overlays

    • All graphics including any introcards, endcards, animation, text, lower thirds, etc. 

  5. ISCIs for Slates

    • Provide ISCIs, Title, Duration, Platform [Web or Broadcast], Date, Delivery Specs [file type, dimension, codec, etc], and ** any Legal **