1. Booking Sheet to Complete (Link)

  2. Source Video Files

  3. Source Photo Files (If Applicable)

  4. XML / AAF and EDLs for Each Video Track

  5. Premiere / Avid / FCPX Project File

  6. Reference Movie

  7. Transfer Reference MoviE


1. Booking Sheet

  • To be filled out at

  • This info is necessary for us to start prep on our end and make sure our deliverables are to spec. [what codec you would like back, # of handles if needed, resolution, etc]

  • All assets for color to be delivered to MFD by 3:00 PM one business day prior to the session to avoid rush fees

2. Source Video Files

  • Source files in camera original format unless otherwise discussed with MFD

  • Unsupported codecs* to be converted to ProRes422 or higher

  • ***UNSUPPORTED CODECS:  H.264, .MP4, PhotoJPEG, .MTS .MT2S, Animation Codec

3. Source Photo Files (If Applicable)

  • Odd numbers for pixel dimensions are NOT supported (i.e., 1103x1391 px. ― Odd numbered pixel dimensions must be converted to even numbered before delivering to MFD)

  • If stills are named sequentially (example: puppy01.jpg, puppy02.jpg, etc) then they must be placed in separate folders individually. If sequentially named image files exist in the same folder Resolve will read this as an image sequence, not individual stills

4. XML / AAF and EDLs for Each Video Track

  • Export XML of the locked sequence(s)

    • Each sequence should be named clearly to the corresponding cut BEFORE exporting the XML. Changing the filename in the finder will not update the sequence name

    • One video track preferred, although multiple tracks are supported

    • Decompose all Nests, Dynamic Links and Multicam clips

    • Delete all clips that do not need to be graded, including disabled clips and clips in the “graveyard” past the “out” point

  • Export EDL of the locked sequence(s)

    • EDLs do not support multiple video tracks, so one will need to be exported for each individual track in the sequence

    • Please add the suffix “v1,” “v2,” etc., for each EDL to indicate the corresponding video track number

5. Premiere / Avid / FCPX Project File

  • NLE project file containing locked sequence(s)

6. Reference Movie

  • A quicktime movie of the locked cut of each video including audio, titles, VFX, positioning, etc.

  • Purpose: for the artist to learn the context of the footage and get an understanding of how everything will come together for the final product

7. Transfer Reference Movie

  • A quicktime video in ProRes422Proxy that corresponds exactly frame-for-frame to the XML/AAF for each sequence to be graded, with embedded timecode and filename (see image below).

  • Purpose: To play alongside the color sequence to be graded in order to confirm all footage is linked correctly, to check sizing translation, and to confirm all clips in the sequence should be graded. If there are shots in the “Graveyard” of the sequence that need to be graded, this should be reflected in the Transfer Reference